Ladylicious dancers starred for the first time in the world-wide known show Czechoslovakia Got Talent.

They became part of the iconic television programs, shows, video clips and performances such as The Stories of the Street, Boyband and
the concert of the American group LMFAO in Bratislava.

During the years 2014-2016 they were special guests and also a part of the dance company of Lucia Bílá on the Black and White Tour and Fifty Fifty.

With their beauty and talent, they improved also the first Slovak dance film The Backstage, Black Tour of Majk Spirit or the great ceremony of the prestigious Laver Cup Tanis Tournament in Chicago.

They are now an integral part of one of the most successful TV shows of the last season, “Your Face Sounds Familiar“.

In the 2016, the original Ladylicious group: Mony, Veronika, Peťka, Baška and Danka expanded, and the addition of new talented dancers underlined the power of this exceptional artistic brand. They are ready to create and charmingly face new challenges associated with dancing, beauty, fashion world and exceptionalshow.